Wein Linien



The classic Zweigelt originates in various regions of Unterpetersdorf. It is allowed to develop inside of a large wooden barrel; has a cherry aroma, which is typical for its kind; is full-bodied; and is quite agreeable.


Blaufränkisch Classic


This wine exudes its class by virtue of its simple design. This straightforward Blaufränkisch ages inside of large wooden barrels, where the region comes into play. After opening, time allows the spiciness to blend into the multi-layered fruit.


Domus Petri

This cuvée gets its name from our hometown of Unterpetersdorf, which was first recorded as "Domus Petri." Although in production since 1995 primarily as a blend of Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch, the 20th anniversary changed the make-up to Zweigelt and Merlot and it has been crafted that way ever since. The long maturation period in no way hinders its juiciness nor its smoothness.


Blaufränkisch Hochäcker

Mittelburgenland DAC

The location, shaped by its heavy clay soil, is brought to life on your palate through the wine’s floral aromas and graceful tannins. It reaches maturity after approximately 14 months in predominantly used oak barriques and 500-liter barrels.



Pinot Noir

Our passion for the Pinot Noir can only be matched by that for the Blaufränkisch. Vines erected in the 1990s were allocated between the clay-rich soil of the old wine hills and the gravel of the old regions. After a chilled fermentation process, the wine is stored in either barriques or 500-liter barrels until bottling. Intensely fragrant of wild strawberry and raspberry, riveting and salty on the palate, a markedly long and aromatic finish; a delegate of this variety that knows how to shine.


Blaufränkisch Vom Lehm


Long-established wine gardens in our favorite "Old Wine Mountain" and "Hochäcker" regions provide a generous clay content to grow this wine. The iron within stabilizes the wine over many, many years and the heavy clay ensures that the wine always goes down smoothly. This is where we come very close to our definition of a really good red wine.



The first Christania, pressed in 1992, consisted mainly of Blaufränkisch until 2006 until the graceful cuvées in Medoc initiated the idea for a cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Not only is this wine stored in neu French barriques for 22 months, but it remains an entire additional year in the bottle before it can be sold. A balanced wine with a high maturing potential, this wine is available only in certain years.


Blaufränkisch Altes Weingebirge Premium

Appointed Juwel in its nascence, this wine was labeled AWG for years until finally settling on its ancestral name. These grapes are fortunate enough to grow in our oldest wine gardens on Old Wine Mountain on vines that guarantee the utmost quality all year round. The juice ferments inside of wooden fermentation vats and is then stored in barriques and 500-liter barrels. Character and expression pair with joie de vivre until old age. First developed in 2000, it symbolizes excellent Blaufränkisch enjoyment.


Piri, Gemischter Satz

"Piri" descends chiefly from regions of "Oidn Piris" (Old Wine Mountain), where Grüner Veltliner is erected next to Riesling and other veteran Austrian varieties. Out of the gravelly bedrock these grapes are harvested along with Chardonnays to yield a firm wine that avidly unites fruit and charm.



Splendidly salmon-colored; luxurious scent of ripe raspberries. Once on the palate, aromas of strawberry begin to emerge, bestowing this wine with its finesse and summoning a fine finish. An attractive drink not only for those long summer days.


Brut Nature

Wir lieben Champagner. Schon beim ersten Versuch etwas Außergewöhnliches aus Blaufränkisch zu machen, waren wir vom Ergebnis beeindruckt. Die insgesamt 20 Monate auf der Hefe bringen das erwünschte Geschmackserlebnis - eines ohne Schwefelzusatz und Nulldosage.

Brut Nature  


Periodically Rosé, ever so often Blanc de Noir, but always Blaufränkisch. First bottled in 2012, the power of the bubbles was then divulged onto us. A tingling adventure in your drink!


Grape Juice "Logisch"

100% organic grape juice


Natural Summer Red

Wieder da!

Starting as an experiment in 2015, this wine found its fan base quite quickly! The goal was to create a red wine that people could actually drink (and enjoy) cold. A blend of 65% sulfur-free Blaufränkisch and 35% sulfur-free Blaufränkisch-Rosé, this wine is not subjected to any further processing. To us, this is the only true alternative to a white wine - it just so happens to accompany any meal perfectly.


Natural Rosé

What IS that cloudy drink? We love it! Making its first debut in 2015, this drink could not pacify its audience, since it was only produced in small quantities. But the future looks bright for this drink in our establishment. 100% Blaufränkisch juice without any interventions like sulfurization, purification, filtration, etc. Just genuine fermented grape juice bottled up and ready to go.


Natural Blaufränkisch

We have been making this wine since 2011 and it is no easy task; some may even call it impossible. As part of the "Altes Weingebirge Premium" process, a few barrels continue to age for 18 months and are not sulfurized (nor were they in the beginning). Even when bottling, it remains untouched. You could say this wine is bottled in its pure, unfiltered form. The result is a delicate, unorthodox yet wild symphony of taste that we believe is marvellous - and we are not the only ones.